turkish aromatic odyssey

Photos of some of the amazing places and sights we see on our Turkish Aromatic Odyssey

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Ortakoy with the Bosphorus bridge streching from Europe to Asia The Egyptian market in Istanbul thick with the heady aroma of almost any spice you can imagine

Beautifully preserved Greco-Roman amphitheatre

The grand beauty of Blue Mosque at dawn

Fragrant Turkish rose awaiting picking to be distilled into rose oil. Iznik tiles, one of Turkey's artistic treasures. Ancient relics abound. Byzantine, Greek, Roman, Christian....

Finest handmade Turkish carpets Detail of some of the stunning Ottoman architecture to be found in Istanbul

The mysterious whirling dervishes - devotees of the sufi religion performing their twirling devotion The ancient heritage of Turkey is breathtaking.  Ottoman architecture reminds us of the empire's previous glory

Ruins of a Roman bath house An ancient mosaic of St Paul who traveled throught Asia minor spreading the Christian gospel

Turkey exotic, friendly, beautiful and full of wonders. Sunset from the Galata bridge

Delightful people full of warmth and charm.

Sunny days, fresh seafoods, beautifil outlooks. Sufi holy men - whirling dervishes, during the Sema devotion

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