bali blessings


Last year, Robbi created an exotic aromatic perfume to bless each woman as she arrived at our Bali Women's Retreat. It contained essential oils of jasmine, sandalwood, lime, lemongrass, cinnamon, clove, ylang ylang and rose.

This lovely perfume was applied to the forehead and was followed by a touch at the heart with a red hibiscus flower that had been dipped in Balinese holy water. The red hibiscus is considered a high or holy flower in Bali.

Made ( pronounced: Mar-Day ), a beautiful young woman from our hotel happened to be there when Robbi gave the blessing to the women and so Robbi blessed her too with the oils and touched her heart with the red hibiscus.

Made was moved to tears with the blessing as her heart fully opened to that moment. Later that evening, she told Robbi that when she touched her heart with the hibiscus flower, she felt a great warmth move through her heart and beyond her. It did not matter that we were not of her Hindu religion. The
importance was in setting the intention to open to the love and beauty that resonates in all of us. Made understood that clearly. And in that silent moment love was there.

Bali still holds that special magic and we looking forward to returning there again, to support in our own small way, these beautiful and gentle people who depend totally on the presence of travellers to sustain their livelihoods.

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