two dwights are better than one

One of the happiest memories of our Provence tours  is thanks to Aroma Traveller and now dear friend Dwight Larsen from Minneapolis who as it happens is an award winning costume designer and co-winner of no less than two "Tony" awards.

During the tour, Dwight explained that for him,  the two most important qualities that made travelling enjoyable were "Fun" and Flavour". Not satisfied to leave it at that the group challenge was to add a third 'F' and after a few days Greg came up with "Fascination". This led to the creation of the "Dwight" award for any experience that earned a perfect score of 10 for each of the 3 F's.

With Dwight as judge, we came close on a number of occasions but it was the gourmet cooking class with our charming master chef Robert in a beautiful 200 year old kitchen and the magnificent lunch we enjoyed at Ousteau de Baumanier that earned us two of these most precious accolades.

In Dwight's words:-

"Provence had a great effect on me, as I had hoped it would.  For years I have dreamed of going there.  Seeing the countryside and the villages I have read about and imagined. ......I'm in tears right now as I write this - Why?  You gave me the most beautiful experience I could have ever imagined and I never imagined it. To see that ever-changing landscape, villages I had dreamed of, market places I loved walking through and topped off by the Chateau of my dreams."

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